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The ‘La Vanguardia’ newspaper recently published the following story:

Eating large amounts of fish during pregnancy aids the cerebral development of the foetus

Consumption of large amounts of fish in excess of the recommended weekly intake of two servings per week is beneficial for the neuropsychological development of children, particularly during the first three months of gestation. These are the conclusions of an investigation headed by the Centre for Research into Environmental Epidemiology that monitored the evolution of 1,600
Spanish women and their children.
Jordi Júlvez, coordinator of the study, explained that the results of consuming large amounts of fish are evident when children reach the age of five, making them less likely to have symptoms included on the autistic spectrum scale. The research established that large blue fish (such as bonito or tuna) have the biggest influence on children’s cognitive development, followed by white fish (hake, sole, etc.) and small blue fish (mackerel, sardines and salmon).