As specialists in sea products, our new line is made of fish and seafood rigorously selected; prepared with a technique designed to preserve all their flavour and maintain their nutritional qualities.

Under the supervision of the excellent top chef Alberto Moya Carraffa, we have incorporated to all our ready meals the touch of professional cooking that our customers love. Our commitment to quality translates into a careful handling of raw materials in our facilities, always complying with the health and hygiene rules required by the EU.  Delicious dishes that are presented in attractive packaging easy to manipulate, heat, open and ready to eat. At home and at work; for both adults and the little ones. As you would cook it at home: With no preservatives or colourants, with natural ingredients and without compromising health and your time.  In less than 3 minutes

Sicilian style Swordfish

Emperador a la siciliana

 Green pea  infused Hake

Merluza en infusión de guisantes

Thai style Salmon

Salmon Thai