In our facilities we manipulate the products that, thanks to our distribution and transport system, and our presence in the main fishing grounds, allow us to bring these products to your table ready to be cooked.

Terranova offers you the best quality fresh fish, seafood and cephalopods.

Langostinos cocidos

Terranova Fresh - Envase de langostinos frescos

Rodaja de Merluza

Terranova Fresh - Envase filetes de pescado frescos

Rodaja de Pez Espada

Terranova Fresh - Fresh swordfish fillet

Filete de merluza

Terranova Fresh - Fresh fish fillet

Preparado de paella

Terranova Fresh - Fresh shellfish for paella

Lomo de bacalao

Terranova Fresh - Fresh fish fillet

Lomo de salmón

Terranova Fresh - Fresh salmon fillet