Thirty years of experience have made us a reference point in the market


Thirty years of experience have made us a reference point in the market

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With 30 years of experience, facilities measuring 4,000 m2 and a production capacity of 30 tonnes per day, Terranova is a leader in the world of seafood products.

Sea and land frozen fish and shellfish, farmed fish, fresh and processed products, and precooked and ready meals. A wide range very well known by the distribution sector, for its quality and for the excellent acceptance gained by both traditional channel and modern distribution customers

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Why are Terranova cooked shrimps probably the best in the world?

  • Because we carefully select the best raw materials available in origin.
  • Because we cook in the traditional method with modern equipment.
  • Because of its appearance, whole, no broken pieces, and stretched out.
  • Because it is quick frozen.
  • Because salt level is adjusted to each size produced.
  • Because the size and color is uniform (no mixtures).
  • Because our production follow strict quality control procedures.
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Terranova - Tecnología HPP - Pasteurizado de alta presión

Terranova cooked octopus HPP offers much more

  • Innovation HPP is a process of pasteurization in cold temperature, not thermal, using high hydrostatic pressure to deactivate pathologies in food productos. It increases food safety by decreasing or eliminating the use of additives as well as longer shelf life and stability.
  • Quality Maintains its freshness intact as well as color, taste, texture and appearance as well as its vitamins and nutrients.
  • Presentation Shrinkwrapped (skin) Maintains its natural form when taken out of the package.
  • Shelf life 60 days with optimal quality until the last day and once open, up to 5 days at refrigerated temperature between 0-5º C.
  • Food safety Eliminates microbiological activity without destroying vitamins and minerals or deactivating enzymes.
  • SalesNo product waste due to longer expiry date, the product remains fresh much longer.
  • BusinessNo loss of product. Expiry date at 60 days and maintains freshness until the last day.


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